I feel like I’m pregnant and no one knows

I’ m about to give birth for the third time and while this one doesn’t compare to #1 or #2, I’m really excited.

I started this novel about 10 years ago. I just started writing. No plan. Just writing. I stopped and started a zillion times often with years in between. But Jaybird kept calling me back.

I think I knew the very first day that I would name her “Jaybird’s Song.” Jaybird is the nickname given to protaganist Josie Flint by her father (who she adores, by the way). Even though Josie is the oldest of three girls (like me), she’s not me.

But there are some who will recognize little pieces of this story, however, because there are little pieces that are true, though they are just jumping off points for a bunch of stuff I made up.

Bloody Tiger, however, is real. When I was growing up in suburban Atlanta, the neighborhood kids played it every night. It’s like tag, but “It” is the Bloody Tiger, who hides while everyone else closes their eyes. Then everyone comes looking and if the Bloody Tiger jumps out of hiding and tags you before you can get back to base, you’re the Bloody Tiger. It was intense.


3 thoughts on “I feel like I’m pregnant and no one knows

  1. Hi Kathy!! We play the same game when we were children. But instead of Bloody Tiger, it was called Ain’t No Boogers. Same rules. One person was the booger. Everybody else was just the kids. After the booger hid behind a bush in the yard somewhere, (played at night) The kids would frolic out into the yard singing a taunting song: “There ain’t no boogers out tonight. My daddy killed them all last night.”

    Then when somebody walked near the bush that the designated booger was hiding behind, The booger jumps up, claws raised up high, yelling out in a scary voice “BOOGEYMAN!!!” And chases the kids back to the homebase, the object is to try to tag one of them before they can get to the base. Whoever he tags becomes the boogeyman for the next round. Terrifying, delightful childhood memories.


      1. Guys – both of these games sound TERRIFYING – maybe that’s why I’m easily startled today….didn’t get enough good scares in during my youth! Plain old tag was about it – in broad daylight where you could see the targets AND the pursuer : )


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