Are those Facebook tests fake?

I’m thinking yes.

I’ve got 100% correct on the last four or five I’ve taken. I mean I know I can kill it in grammar and US geography, and I was pretty confident with the Catholic vocabulary one, but I just got 100% on ’80s song lyrics and those of you who have heard me sing in the car know I make up words when I don’t know them and hum through most everything but the chorus. I made a total guess on at least half of them.

It didn’t work in economics or science class so I’m not sure how I could get so lucky on these tests. Is this some kind of booby trap? Would love your thoughts.

BTW, I’m middle-of-the-night blogging again. Maybe I should start a new novel.

5 thoughts on “Are those Facebook tests fake?

  1. You’re blogging in the middle of the night and I’m reading in the in the middle of the same night! We should just look out our windows and wave! I’m so happy for you for stepping out with your blog and your book.


    1. I’ll stand on the deck and make bird calls. If you hear me and want to come over for a middle-of-the-night chat we can have some coffee and figure out why we can’t sleep for those wee hours in the middle. Is it because I can’t give up my 9:30 bedtime? Thanks for th encouragement!


  2. I think they are weighted toward high scores to make those of us who have nothing better to do than take them feel good about ourselves. On top of that, some of the “find out about yourself” quizzes are rigged. I’ve tried every possible answer combination on “Which Disney Princess Are You” and have yet to get my favorite, Ariel.


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