Good for the soul.

So I think this novel I’m promising is getting better every day.

Understand that I realize I sound outrageously puffy. There is a dark shadow lurking in the corner trying to remind me that I’m just one bad review away from a total crush, but for reasons I can not explain, I’m ignoring that creepy shadow and feeling really jazzed right now.

Editor Wayne’s suggestions were plentiful, but right on. I’ve rewritten a full chapter and am rethinking a number of points, escalating a character, and enhancing some dialogue here and there. And I’m really loving it.

Perhaps, it’s honesty. I’m digging deep and even though this is a made-up story (don’t try to find yourself in this story if you’ve known me a long time. I promise it’s fiction! 98% fiction.), I think baring your soul — even if it’s only to yourself — is healthy.

Invigorating. Revitalizing.

Frankly, I’m surprised to say that and to feel it, but it’s the aura of my moment and somehow that seems deserving of a blog post.

Dig deep and get bare my friends. It’s working for me.


2 thoughts on “Good for the soul.

  1. Have full confidence in your skills. I have known you for 16+ years and your work ethics, enthusiasm, artistic ability , postive personality, creativity makes you a success in every way. When You get going you will knock the book world into a different orbit .


    1. Thank you Barbara! I really appreciate your sweet boost. But since a lot of people know you’re my wonderful mother-in-law and also know my kids are in their mid 20s, I must also correct your math. Tom and I have been married almost 28 years! 🙂 love u


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