Rockin’ the white tights.

I’m guessing you never thought the buttoned-to-the-neck shirt dress and white tights look could work, but here I am rockin’ it.

14195223_10154046686323752_3148448795429443969_oThis is some of the Danbury gang – photo sent to me by Julia Rodgers (and I’m guessing JuJu wasn’t even born yet when this pic was taken.)

It’s the Danbury gang that will recognize a few things when “Jaybird’s Song “comes out, but just some silly things — the dirt hill’s in there and so is our Bloody Tiger game, and Trudy (far left in the red) might recognize one other scene (Think: The time we got in big trouble for our paring knife creation.) I made the rest up, but see those woods right behind Johnny and Leah? That’s where some serious Bloody Tiger games happened.

Missing Brady Clark, he’s the one leaning against the tree. He was my favorite Bloody Tiger.

1 thought on “Rockin’ the white tights.

  1. Those were the days, my friend. We thought they’d never end.
    But looking at that dress, baggy socks and bony knees…I am sorta glad they did! I remember how very ELEGANT I thought you looked in your tights.
    But Brady was by far the coolest.

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