I’m glad you’re okay, Sly.

slySylvester is alive and well.

The sicko that unloaded the news of his death is plotting the next load of crap.

And the universe becomes more and more immune to the ever-blurring lines between truth, fiction and total B.S.

I didn’t share the post — at least not intentionally. First of all, I wouldn’t (it’s and old-school journalism thing) and second of all, isn’t that a two-step process? But it landed on my FB page and I feel bad about that.

I blame Robin Thicke. He recorded that “Blurred Lines” song and it made everybody dance. Ever since, the lines between factual journalism, opinion, made-up hooey and every day manners have been all blurred up.

So how about that, Robin? Let’s see if that goes viral too.

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