Sliced through the heart.

The perfect microcosm of community I have happily whirled myself around in for 20 years is no more.

A giant butcher knife just cut through an entire section of prime+ and flung it to the scraps pile.

It was the best part: The part with dreams and means, courage and perseverance. The part that pored out its freakin’ soul for nothing more than the time to make something amazing happen.

Instead, we’ll implode with nary a look back. With nary a care.

RIP Brook Run Theater


3 thoughts on “Sliced through the heart.

  1. A very sad time for Dunwoody – the loss of our historic Brook Run Theater. “Sliced through the heart” hit the nail on the head. All we needed was a little more time. No thanks to anyone on the Dunwoody Council except our Mayor, Denny Shortal.
    This has been a monumental effort which would have benefitted all of the arts in Dunwoody. Those of us who worked to save it are mad and sad. I hope that the historic stained glass windows can be saved and used in the new Administration building in some way.


  2. GRC was an early day live, work, play community for the residents. When the theatre bites the dust there will be nothing left as a reminder or a memorial for the staff and clients who were there. So very sad and so short sighted of the council.


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