Random thoughts about sheets

white ghost in front of a garage doorSo, I thought I’d figured this out, but maybe not…

Tom and I bought a king-sized bed about 3 years ago and I call it my continent. It’s lovely and spacious and cozy and often all mine since Tom sleeps only about 5 hours a night to my 8 or 9.

But it’s also almost exactly square, which becomes abundantly clear as soon as you go to change the sheets. Not quite square though, so it’s always a process determining what part of the fitted sheet is the side and which is the bottom and the top. I finally thought I’d figured out the mystery: put the tag at the bottom right when you’re facing the bed from the bottom and it will work every time.

Except it doesn’t always. I paid a small fortune (by TJ Maxx clearance aisle standards) for a new set of sheets after an unfortunate incident involving a nap and a wad of gum.

And the tag in the right bottom corner thing doesn’t work. The fitted sheet only fits if you put the tag in the bottom left corner completely blowing my hypothesis and the jubilent conclusion that was set to save me from frustration every sheet changing day from now until eternity.

So what is the secret, then? Is there a method to this madness?

And one more thing… these new sheets — more expensive than I normally buy — really need to be ironed and that’s just not going to happen in my world. Does anyone do that?

5 thoughts on “Random thoughts about sheets

  1. Omigosh! You triggered a flashback. NO, I do NOT iron sheets, but as a child, I had to iron the household sheets for my Mom. Perhaps that’s why I iron next to nothing these days!


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