Okay, this is getting fun.

I’m about six months in as a published novelist and I’ve learned a lot:

  1. Writing is an amazing release.
  2. EVERYONE has a story to tell. Everyone. Some of you are lucky enough to have an amazing life story for memoir or have conquered and learned to the point of having a roadmap for others.
  3. If you’re like me and fiction is your thing…. how much fun is it to make stuff up? I seriously LOVE that about fiction!
  4. It is WAY harder to make a living out of this than I ever imagined. If that’s your real and only goal, it’s truly going to take a huge pile of luck i.e., Oprah-kind-of-luck because it’s really a small potatoes — or working in the red — thing until that point.

But, I’m REALLY having fun and I’m REALLY grateful for the HUGE support system that has been my made up of really awesome and supportive friends and family who read and like my book and continue to support it.

I never expected that I would write a book that everyone would like. And of course, I didn’t.

But here’s the thing: As of this blog, I’m up to 39 Amazon reviews and I have 4.9 stars! And SO MANY OF THE RECENT REVIEWS are from people I don’t know! This is really encouraging and SO MUCH FUN! Early in the summer I had a publicist helping me who forwarded the book to lots of book bloggers and people who review books via a program called NetGalley. The reviews have started coming in from readers who I don’t know…

And they are still liking Jaybird’s Song! AND these are avid readers… so possessed with books that they do this all the time!

Click here and read the reviews. If you click on the right where it says READ MOST RECENT you’ll find a whole bunch of readers that I don’t know, but I hope to one day. Their words are really, really encouraging!


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