Would you buy this book?

THREEOFCUPSCOVERONLYTHREE women: Mandy, a determined young mother raises her son alone when husband Adam is drafted in the U.S. Army. Ginger, a lonely new bride waits for her husband’s return from Vietnam. And Rachel quits her high-pressured job with a burgeoning company to seek her next adventure.

TWO time periods: Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, their stories begin in the early 1970s and converge almost three decades later.

ONE secret: A secret lies dormant before threatening to undo all their lives.

Tying them all together are the eccentric Millie, who mixes up vocabulary words and dabbles in the tarot; Mandy’s impersonal family that she strives to transcend; and Oodles and Poppy, Rachel’s grandparents that provide the stable grounding she seeks.

Artfully entwined, you’ll root for all three women because ultimately, “Three of Cups” is the story of female friendships and unshakable bonds.

Would you buy this book?

What color do you think is most appealing?



10 thoughts on “Would you buy this book?

  1. Yes, of course, I will be one of the first to buy your book as I’m extremely excited to read it! I love the cover and they all look great. I think the one with blue writing is my favorite as it looks a little mysterious!


  2. You know I will buy this book! I like the yellow lettering. It looks good against the green background.


  3. Yes I’ll buy it and can’t wait to read it. I’d go for the pinkish mauve color to me that’s the one that caught my eye first.


  4. # 2 cover is my fave

    Kathy Manos Penn

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  5. Yes I’d buy! and Mickey and I both think all but the purple would be ok; but I like the #3, “flesh” colored one best as I think it doesn’t “fight” with all the other stuff going on (the font, the Picasso art look, and the tank look of the background). What else can I do to help!? My book club will read if you need!!! Sounds exciting, Kathy!!


  6. Kathy so excited for you and can’t wait to read it! I am partial to blue and pink but gotta go with pinkie lettering.


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