Monthly Archives: June 2018

Thoughts on rollercoaster riding, googling and a favorite author.

downtownIt seems I should be used to rollercoaster riding. My life in the real estate industry is either up or down, but never either for very long.

Getting my new book out is sending me on a wild ride too. Getting close had me flying high. Finding a whole bunch of missing words and a couple of typos — AFTER SUBMITTING FOR READER REVIEWS —(forever grateful to astute beta reader Ellen Lange, though) I was back down again.

The goofs are fixed in plenty of time for the July 1 release of “Three of Cups,” but it’s got my heart racing just the same.

But here’s the next high: I was googling to find and connect with some of the bloggers who had posted reviews for “Jaybird’s Song” and stumbled upon this:

Kirkus Reviews — the grand poobah of reviewers in the book publishing industry — has recommended “Jaybird’s Song” for readers who like Anne Rivers Siddons’ book, “Downtown.”

ARS is a favorite of mine, and several people have mentioned our styles being somewhat similar, but Day-am! Kirkus Reviews thinks so too?

I’m riding high. At least, for the moment.