The Goodwill Project: Self- imposed rules that are destined to change

I recently described myself as a “one-good-pattern-deserves-eight-or-ten-more” kind of girl. Subtlety has never been a gift; more-is-more and all that.

Here’s the thing though: While overplay may have defined my first handful of decades, it’s not so much true any more. These days, I’m yenning in a more subtract-simplify-streamline direction. A trendier tie-in to the whole leave-no-footprint thing, it might beg the questions, “Why The Goodwill Project?” “Why a manic forage through other people’s junk?” “Why shopping for things you really don’t need?” “Why now?”

The answer is in The Goodwill Project’s rules of the game:

  1. Wander each store on the circuit in the same defined pattern: Start back left slowly moving along each aisle to back right of store; finish with a few pop-ins on the miles of clothing, handbag and shoe racks.
  2. Fill your cart with things that really intrigue you; take pictures of those that closely tempt or totally confuse you.
  3. Edit your cart to what you can buy for $9 or less.
  4. Travel the route in reverse to return all that doesn’t fit within Rule No. 3 with a careful eye toward treasures you might have missed.

Only the $9 rule can be broken:

  • Items that fit with long-term-goal finds (a future blog)
  • Big ticket items you simply can’t resist
  • Finds such as the Hope Diamond II, a previously-unknown Vermeer, or something similar

I broke the $9 rule this weekend with the purchase of a desk chair justified as a big ticket item that I simply couldn’t resist. It turns out to be way more fun and comfortable than the dining room chair I’ve been spending hours at a time on since the work-from-home pandemic days. I snagged it for $9.99 at the store on Buford Highway near Clairmont.

This desk chair is in perfect condition. I bought it for $9.99 at the Goodwill in Northeast Plaza. The store is in the same location that Pogos and Packets was oh-so-many years ago. I experienced the distinct taste sensation of my first and last Singapore Sling when I walked through the door.

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