Goodwill Hunting: Why didn’t I think of that before?

The Goodwill Project is scoring big with unexpected and “what-can-I-turn-it-into” finds, but I’m feeling a little off my game that I didn’t think of “Goodwill Hunting” for the name of the operation before I kicked it off. That idea came from my ever-punny sister.

A little after-the-fact, of course, so I’m feeling like it’s best to chalk it up to that which I will impart upon you as the biggest and most important lesson of bargain hunting: “You snooze, you lose,” also known as “Late to the party, ain’t no party,” or “He who hesitates, suffocates.” Point being, the heartaches are as plentiful in Goodwill Hunting as the jubilations. The only thing worse than a “just-miss” is a “can’t decide-then-return-to-find-out-it’s-gone.”

I’ll stick with my plan and the name of my project, but know that if I were as punny and quick as Linda, the whole thing would have a better name.

I am open, however, to changing the rules when I neeed to. As you know from my previous blog, the rules for this circuit shopping of Goodwill stores game of mine include a methodical sweep starting at the back left of the store moving clockwise, a no-hesitation collection of that which intrigues, and a strict (with exceptions) cart edit and final purchase limit of $9 per store.

I had to make up a new rule for the Bunny Bowl.

Just two days before Easter I found the pewter stand for $2.99. Three rabbits positioned around a base to hold something up, so I figured it must be for a glass bowl of some kind, but there was none in sight. I scooted over to the aisle with the glassware and tried out every bowl. The one I landed on couldn’t be the intended because I think the design would have had it fitting closer to the bunnies’ outstretched hands, but I liked the way it looked anyway. The leaded glass bowl was $6.99, so together 98 cents over the limit.

As any true bargain buccaneer knows, while I might not have ever found a lone pewter bunny stand again, another leaded glass bowl could easily be scored at another visit on another day, but it was a holiday find after all and I was feeling frisky. I made a new rule that the $9 limit could be broken when two unrelated items were unearthed in the same store and the whole was better than the sum of its parts. I wheeled to the checkout counter and bought the Bunny Bowl.

The Bunny Bowl would probably really be pretty filled with a colorful salad, but sausage ball appetizers also worked.

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