The Goodwill Project: It’s a shell game.

Kind of, anyway. You’re never sure what you’ll find when you lift up the cup. And with “circuit shopping” — my self-imposed strategy for hitting up one or two of the half-dozen Goodwill Stores near my house each week— you never know if you’re headed in a lucky, treasure-filled direction or not.

And therein lies the fun.

I have some look-fors on my list: I’ll reveal them when I find them. And I have a small collection I’m working to enhance, but that too, I’ll tell you about in good time. Otherwise, I have a budget of $9 per store to find that which I like or need— or that which I’ve never even imagined— among the aisles of other people’s castoffs in this game I call The Goodwill Project.

I wasn’t looking for someone else’s seashell collection when I went to the Goodwill Store in Roswell. And had I been, I don’t think I’d ever thought to find it in a jar that formerly held chocolate-covered raisins, but indeed, there it was. A 99 cent price tag on the bottom got my imagination stirring.

My once-brilliant idea to create a seashell garden along the path around my house had gone way to the first rain, later defiled with pine straw, gumballs, dried leaves and neglect. But it’s Spring and the perfect time for reawakening, so I popped the jar into my cart and headed for checkout.

A fresh bag of play sand on the way home and my seashell garden is back and ready for more rain, falling debris and inevitable neglect.

Garden passersby might think I’m a particularly lucky beachcomber. I’ll pass the seashell garden with perfect contentment that junk is my genius.

Ninety-nine cents fills a seashell garden quite nicely. Might have missed out on the waves and sand, but I’ll save my raisin container just in case I can wrangle a beach trip this summer.

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