The Goodwill Project: Channeling my former Mad Men obsession

Do you know about these?

These rectangular glass plates are easy and fun to find at all the second-hand spots, and even more fun to use when throwing a wedding or baby shower, or hosting high tea when one of the royals gets married. (Or dies. God rest your soul, Prince Phillip).

They are the perfect size for carrying as you mingle and chat, and they have sections for your sundry hors d’oeuvres and a rimmed section for holding your punch cup.

You can tell they are from the ’60s because there is also a slot to hold your cigarette. And what’s more Betty and Don Draper than to have a cigarette burning a little hydrogen cyanide, benzene and arsenic into your your petit four and Modhouse punch as you flit about at a party?

I picked up a set of four, complete with the punch cups, for $5.99 at the Goodwill Store and I think I’ll collect them for a while for a couple of the girls in my world.

Pro tip: They work pretty well too for holding pigs in a blanket, a cheese log, Spam squares and olives, or a big glop of pistachio salad when you want to binge an early season of Mad Men. Rat your hair, put on your pearls and pumps, and it’s just like you’re on Madison Avenue.

Light up and get your plates, everyone. Punch and hors ‘doevres are served!

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