Two points for teal: Making up new rules for the Goodwill Project

It’s a game, after all.

All of it: Mexican Train*… The Goodwill Project… Life…

The Goodwill Project is a game that I play with myself. The self-imposed procedures I have inflicted for this year-long adventure include how I maneuver each section of the store, how much I can spend, sections of the store that completely avoid, and aisles that I make a selection from almost every time.

The toughest part, of course, is the unwritten reality that only I police the rules. So avoiding buying things I don’t need requires a whole new set of adjunct rules that are multiplying just as quickly as they are being ignored.

  • No more baby clothes unless they are tagged with the color of the week.**
  • A “do-I -really-need-it?” narrative forced through my head in triplicate and confirmed with an audible, “I do.”
  • Nothing plastic.
  • Double points if it’s teal.

Teal is kind of a new game in itself: I’ve always been a warm-color girl and my house has been filled that way, but I’m playing a little game to see if I can introduce teal into as many rooms as I can. Not only does it add a little precocious fun to my decor, but it gives me a whole new category to search for at the Goodwill store.

More Goodwill fun: I’ve added two new ideas to my list of future blogs. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you about Goodwill’s color of the week** and the Mexican Train* dominos set I found.

It’s a beautiful bowl. I love the scalloped edge and teal color. It’s currently in my bathroom holding my hair clippies.

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