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But I digress..

So on my very first blog attempt, I went down a rabbit hole to describe the game I played with all my neighborhood friends as a kid: Bloody Tiger.

But, in fact, my real news is that I’m a blogger now. Wait, that’s just a sidebar story.

The real news is that I’m a novelist now. Here’s the deets: Jaybird’s Song will come out by late September. A website is in the works. Wayne, my book editor and coach, is finishing his first full read and his feedback so far is really positive. The things that are the hardest to judge are 1. is the story compelling? 2. how did the ending work? 3. will readers like it?

Wayne will give me a full report next week with areas for rewrites, but so far he’s given me high marks for 1. 2. and 3.

I’ve even been speaking with a publicist and hopefully will be able to retain her services. Artist and friend Sharon Moore is working on the cover. It’s coming together folks! And yes, I’m really excited. Perhaps best evidenced by the fact that I’m learning to blog in the middle of the night because I’m too excited to sleep.

Done. Second blog this hour. Maybe this will be fun after all.