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The Goodwill Project: Easing into the change.

Big changes are coming my direction and I’m prepping in all kinds of ways.

The summer that my youngest daughter was 10, she went somewhere for a week and Tom and I completely redid her room. She adored it and I’ve had little inspiration to change it since she flew off after college.

Then I learned about Baby Jolly and his October ETA.

Our first grandchild and the first great-grandchild on his maternal side, this baby was the catalyst for The Goodwill Project in many ways. My earliest thoughts after learning the news: 1. I need books to read him. 2. I need a proper place to change his diaper. And 3. Am I really old enough to do this?

So naturally, I colored my roots and headed to Goodwill. Somewhere along the way came an inspiration for a year-long adventure with Goodwill and a total room re-do.

Quite shockingly, I got Tom to join me in a Saturday morning circuit of six Goodwill stores last month and we came upon a tattered dresser with a $29.99 price tag that we knew we could transform. A little sanding and painting and we ditched the glass top and instead inserted a base where we laid penny tile. After it’s grouted, we will add a front rail and a cushion. When it’s not a changing table, it will serve as a cute dresser in the newly designed room.

My library is now stocked. The room inspiration is well on its way. And I’m not getting any younger as I count down the weeks. Looks like I’m well on my way to Kiki-dom.