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This Goodwill Project project rocks (if style comes back in style)

I wear earrings, makeup and shoes almost every day. But since the dawn of C-19, I haven’t been out of my house wearing a necklace.

No Book Club, no Birthday Club dinners, no concerts, no plays. I’ve only been to my office a dozen-or-more times in the last dozen-or-more months.

The makeup and earrings keep me on-the-ready for a Zoom or a knock on the front door. I add the shoes for a trip to Goodwill or Kroger.

But I’ve had no need for a necklace.

Thanks to a $4.99 Goodwill find, though, I’m on-the-ready should a little style come back in style. I picked up this distressed wooden frame that held a backer board that someone had been painted black. Kind of like a thin gypsum board, it was easy to drill holes and add some hooks from Home Depot. The screws that came with the hooks were too long, so I had to go back for shorter ones, and I added nuts to the back. Then I mounted Tom’s tie rack to the bottom and bolted the whole thing to the back of my bedroom door. (Tom did that part. CYA should he read this someday and call me out.)

My good friend Clairee Belcher always says, “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

I subscribe to the same mantra, and Clairee and I always over-accessorize when we get together. I see TBS has her a couple of times this week, so I’m picking out my necklace(s) and planning my snacks.

Like a true steel magnolia, I DIY’d this Goodwill Project into a means for organizing my abundance of costume jewels. I added hooks and Tom’s tie bar to this $4.99 frame and mounted it to the back of my bedroom door. Clairee’s gonna love it.